The North Star


The brightest star in the sky,

I glimmer and twinkle, oh so high;

I guide the lonely sailor sitting on the mast,

As he travels across the oceans vast.


Thunder, lightning, blizzard or storm,

Unflinching and strong is my form;

I am the proud and mighty North Star,

King of all celestial champions here and far.

Blooming Flowers


Born to the call of dew drops of the dawn,

I wake up to the early sunshine with a huge wide yawn.

          Through the day, as the sun rays slant on my face, I gaze at the sky,

And I wait and wait, to greet the occasionally passerby.

          You see, I have no particular lair,

But of course you’ll see me all around, everywhere,

          However, you’ll remember me the most when you shed a happy tear,

or when you lose one close to the heart, one who is dear.

          I am the mediator between star crossed lovers.

Haven’t you guessed who I am yet? I am the bud, the blossom, the blooming flower.

Nature’s Lullaby

sleeping in the grass

The thrash of the ocean waves against the stony cliff,

The drumming of a hummingbird’s heart as it laps in the nectar of a gulmohar,

The howl of the summer breeze as fruit laden mango branches sway to the moonlight’s music,

The crunch of the autumn leaves beneath my feet as I walk under a canopy of golden maple leaves,

The pitter patter of rain drops against the lotus leaf as they slip into the murky lake waters,

The splash of the frogs hopping on the marshy terrain during the humid monsoon,

The rustle of grass as it bends to the will of the tyrant winter winds….

Nature’s lullaby pulls me into a deep slumber even as I am surrounded by the bustle of the city.

Fly, Butterfly

by Anjali Govind



The little caterpillar looks back and courageously takes a step forward,

knowing that it would be a long way to her destination – her dream

But she doesn’t realize that soon, she will feel like a coward,

after seeing the terrible monsters out there in the world.

She wants to take a step forwards and make herself a future,

She can make it through the journey with nurturing,

Soon, she realizes that the world is not what it seems.

It wasn’t home

She feels lost and deserted,

She doesn’t know who to trust or which path to take.

She accepted the world as it was,

And though the road was hard and bumpy,

She knew she wouldn’t let the opportunity slip through her hands.

She mustered all the hope and faith that she had, and fought hard.

She reached up impossibly high, all the way up to the sky,

And turned into a free, bright butterfly.