Sunset at the Summit



Far from the populous city,

There is a mountain of felicity.


High above the clouds in the peak,

Sharp and pointed like a bird’s beak.


Breathing in the fresh, crisp air,

We stand under the sky, God’s own lair.


The sun goes down, setting the heavens ablaze,

We appreciate the hues of nature in awe and amaze.


The climb up the steep slope is a difficult feat,

But that makes the spectacular view, all the more sweet.


Sweltering Summers by the Seashore



The sun rays beating down from the blue sky,

All around, the land is parched and dry.


Under the scorching heat, the cool seaside breeze is and absolute treat,

As we tread along the coastline, the drenched sand engraving an imprint of our feet.


White foam of mellow waves caress our toes in timid hesitation,

While we view the distant cliffs with infinite jubilation.


Pungent smell and the sharp taste of salt, thick in the air,

Beach side winds twisting the tendrils of our billowing hair.


A slight sheen of sweat slides down our skin as a shiny coat,

As the ice of a cool Popsicle satiates the thirst of our throat.