Dancing Under the Moonlight


Under the sweet smile of the crescent moon,

Twirling to the sound of whistling tunes,

Hair billowing in the gentle breeze that follows the blistering noon,

The sand flying as I disturb the Arabian dunes,


As I waltz, moon beams weave into my tresses and braids,

I am praised for my step by the quiet twinkle of the stars,

My prance continues till the midnight fades,

To express my soul, I don’t need notes and bars.


Typing on Touchscreen: The Times of Text Messaging

*How r u m8?

– Doin gr8!

*Wanna meet 2nite?

-Dat’s kwl.


Apparently that’s a typical text message nowadays for teenagers. If you are anything like me, you would think you were transported back to the era of the Cold War and this is a coded message between spies. But this is the reality of modern day English.

Latin, Greek, Sanskrit – these are languages that are going extinct because they have no scope for evolution. English, on the other hand, is constantly evolving, and that is one of the perks of this beautiful language – in all its crazy glory, it always brings in new words and slang. However, never did I imagine that it would give rise to a completely new language – text language.

Children are proud to say that they’re bilingual in English and text-speak. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think this is a revolution – it is simply a decline of linguistic skills as the society got accustomed to abbreviations and spell checks as a product of laziness.


Children must draw a line when it comes to the usage of text language to curb it from creeping into school assignments. They say that first impressions are the best. If the SMS language is being used in an inappropriate situation, such as business emails, it may be consider as a spelling mistake or unprofessional which may give bad impression to others.

There is no doubt that cyber slang has become a huge part of modern day civilization, but people must really understand when and where to use it. Text language is a convenience to save time and effort, but that’s where its use ends. It shouldn’t bleed into school, work, or everyday colloquial conversation.


So the next time you use text slang at an unfitting situation, think twice!


Teacher : Priestess of School

Teacher: Priestess of School

I would like to dedicate this poem to Ms. Nikki Ellis and Mrs. Sharmila Lahiri, two of my former teachers. To them, I may have been just another face in a sea of students, but their work has made a huge impact on me. As a small token of my gratitude, I would like to present them this poem. Hope you enjoy it!


School was a shrine of knowledge,

The humble priestess there made me pledge

To always persevere and to work hard,

And for the song of growth, she was the bard.


She nurtured my curiosity

To learn, she made it a felicity.

She pushed me to focus and concentrate,

And gave me the pen to write my own fate.


Kind but stern, she held the lamp,

Encouraging me through the dark and damp.

She taught me lessons beyond books,

Judged me for my talent, and not my looks.


She lit the fire and kindled my spark,

Trained me to swim a sea of competition and make my mark.

Thank you for your determination to make me strong,

I shall be eternally grateful now and long.