The Olympics – Lighting the Torch of Unity

olympics tourch

The Olympics had begun centuries ago in ancient Greece as a sign of the power, but today, they are beyond representing athletic achievement – they are an emblem of unity. They are meant to inspire peace and to inculcate the feeling of a global community among people.

At every Olympics, we see sportspeople conquer the unachievable, perform incredible feats, and push their limits. These tournaments provide a platform to contenders to fiercely compete against one another on the field, but at the same time offers them an opportunity to congratulate one another after their battles. The players may compete against each other on the arena, but they interact and share their ideas in the Olympic village. It gives us a chance to root for our team, show loyalty and pride in our nation’s achievements.

Furthermore, the Olympics are a perfect combination of tradition and modernization. The games are like a field cultivating diversity. In addition, the Olympics are always evolving– they keep older and more traditional games while adding more contemporary sports to their inventory.

In the end it is not about sports, the fanfare or media coverage. The Games are really about bringing people together around something positive. With its vibrant colors, and jubilant atmosphere, the Olympics give us the dream many of us have of a successful and competitive world, with global citizens interacting peacefully and with integrity.

In Pierre de Coubertin’s words, “May the Olympic Torch pursue its way through the ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and pure.”


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