The Hope of a Thousand Cranes

The Hope of a Thousand Cranes


Two bomb blasts that plunged the world in to eerie silence and disbelieving horror – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World breathed a sigh of relief that the second World War had finally come to an end, but on the other hand, we also finally understood the barbaric lengths that one could go to acquire power. Those two days, the world lost thousands of innocent lives, and one of those people is a young girl called Sadako Sasaki.

She was just a two year old when the bomb blasting occurred, but due to the long term effects of radiation, she was diagnosed with leukemia over a decade later. The doctor gave her family the bad news that she would not have more than a year to live. During her time in the hospital, she was inspired by a Japanese legend that explained that she would be granted a wish if she folded a thousand origami cranes. She wished to live – she wanted to grow up, continue her education, and help others who were touched by the poison of the bomb. With such hope filled in her heart, she folded 644 cranes until the fateful day of her passing away. To fulfil her final wishes, her family, schoolmates, and friends all folded the rest of the origami cranes which were later buried with the vivacious girl.

Every year, on August 6, thousands of cranes flood Hiroshima Peace Park and adorn Sadako’s memorial, as a symbol of light and hope. We shall all take a step towards world peace, and ensure that her death and all the thousands of people who died in the war were not in vain.


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