The Journey of Life



Life is a journey,

And along the way will travel many;

You will begin the voyage with a destination in mind,

Aboard many friends and family you shall find.


With them you will share stories and laughter,

But you must realize that life isn’t always “happily forever after”;

You will travel across steep hills and through the dark night,

Nevertheless at the end of the tunnel, you will discover new light.


Those around you will leave upon reaching their station,

But you must continue your journey with steel determination;

You must stride with confidence and be willing to should strife,

Because that, my friend, is the journey of life.



Healing Hidden Hunger: Lucky Iron Fish

Healing Hidden Hunger: Lucky Iron Fish

lucky iron fish

Hunger is one of the foremost problems inflicting the world – but hidden hunger is an obstacle that is nestled deep into our society. Over 2 billion people or one in every third person in the world suffer from hidden hunger. In the words of K.C. Gautam, former deputy executive director of UNICEF, “The ‘hidden hunger’ due to micronutrient deficiency does not produce hunger as we know it. You might not feel it in the belly, but it strikes at the core of your health and vitality.”

Hidden hunger is obviously a serious issue that must be addressed at a global level. Studies show that it is most often women, children, and adolescents who are most affected. While the Green Revolution helped in staple cereals becoming more affordable, the prices of nonstaple foods such as vegetables and pulses to become more expensive, making micronutrient-rich foods less attractive to poor people.

Supplementation is an effective way to combat hidden hunger, and there are a wide range of supplements offered by various pharmaceutical companies, but one must remember that such expensive alternatives are not a suitable option for poor citizens.

With this in mind, Lucky Iron Fish came forward to fight one of the most daunting aspects of hidden hunger, reducing iron deficiency. The Lucky Iron Fish is a growing social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of users in an impactful way. It is consumer friendly, affordable, simple, and can provide an entire family’s iron needs for up to 5 years. They strive to achieve this socially by hiring local staff and collaborating with similar organizations. In addition, the lucky iron fish is environmental- friendly and uses recyclable and biodegradable materials.

To be able to tackle hidden hunger, we must work towards spreading the message… only then will we be able to put a fish in every pot.





Black or white?

Friendship or spite?

Family or career?

Move front or rear?


Cowardly or brave?

Tyrant or slave?

Persevere or despair?

Apathy or care?


Dark or light?

Hide or fight?

Sit back or strive?

Honest or connive?


Live or be alive…

Make the choice and thrive.

Whether you pick a choice is also a choice,

But to move forward, you must raise your voice.




The Olympics – Lighting the Torch of Unity

olympics tourch

The Olympics had begun centuries ago in ancient Greece as a sign of the power, but today, they are beyond representing athletic achievement – they are an emblem of unity. They are meant to inspire peace and to inculcate the feeling of a global community among people.

At every Olympics, we see sportspeople conquer the unachievable, perform incredible feats, and push their limits. These tournaments provide a platform to contenders to fiercely compete against one another on the field, but at the same time offers them an opportunity to congratulate one another after their battles. The players may compete against each other on the arena, but they interact and share their ideas in the Olympic village. It gives us a chance to root for our team, show loyalty and pride in our nation’s achievements.

Furthermore, the Olympics are a perfect combination of tradition and modernization. The games are like a field cultivating diversity. In addition, the Olympics are always evolving– they keep older and more traditional games while adding more contemporary sports to their inventory.

In the end it is not about sports, the fanfare or media coverage. The Games are really about bringing people together around something positive. With its vibrant colors, and jubilant atmosphere, the Olympics give us the dream many of us have of a successful and competitive world, with global citizens interacting peacefully and with integrity.

In Pierre de Coubertin’s words, “May the Olympic Torch pursue its way through the ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and pure.”

The Hope of a Thousand Cranes

The Hope of a Thousand Cranes


Two bomb blasts that plunged the world in to eerie silence and disbelieving horror – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World breathed a sigh of relief that the second World War had finally come to an end, but on the other hand, we also finally understood the barbaric lengths that one could go to acquire power. Those two days, the world lost thousands of innocent lives, and one of those people is a young girl called Sadako Sasaki.

She was just a two year old when the bomb blasting occurred, but due to the long term effects of radiation, she was diagnosed with leukemia over a decade later. The doctor gave her family the bad news that she would not have more than a year to live. During her time in the hospital, she was inspired by a Japanese legend that explained that she would be granted a wish if she folded a thousand origami cranes. She wished to live – she wanted to grow up, continue her education, and help others who were touched by the poison of the bomb. With such hope filled in her heart, she folded 644 cranes until the fateful day of her passing away. To fulfil her final wishes, her family, schoolmates, and friends all folded the rest of the origami cranes which were later buried with the vivacious girl.

Every year, on August 6, thousands of cranes flood Hiroshima Peace Park and adorn Sadako’s memorial, as a symbol of light and hope. We shall all take a step towards world peace, and ensure that her death and all the thousands of people who died in the war were not in vain.

The North Star


The brightest star in the sky,

I glimmer and twinkle, oh so high;

I guide the lonely sailor sitting on the mast,

As he travels across the oceans vast.


Thunder, lightning, blizzard or storm,

Unflinching and strong is my form;

I am the proud and mighty North Star,

King of all celestial champions here and far.

Bio gas in India: Huge Potential but Low Success

biogasWhen discussing alternate sources of clean energy in India, one of the first things that pop in our mind is bio gas. With agriculture being a seasonal activity, most farmers also own a few dairy animals for year round income, which allows them access to adequate manure. A small bio gas plant does not occupy much space and provides enough energy for cooking and day to day activities. In addition, the dry residue acts as nutritious organic fertilizer for the sprawling crop fields. In fact, the government of India offers subsidy and discounts in order to encourage rural citizens to build their own bio gas plants.

It is quite obvious that bio gas in the countryside of India has an enormous potential, yet we do not see people yielding its benefits to its full extents, and there are several reasons for this. At an average, a plant has an approximate of 4 years of operational life, a big setback to the alternative energy program. Although the government offers to share half the cost of repairs with the beneficiaries, old and non-functional plants are often not repaired and put back in use. So lack of serious government will to promote alternative energy is another obstacle.

Maintenance of bio gas plants require trained professionals who are very few in number. A sustainable option of maintenance and repair service provision needs to be worked out and the government should employ maintenance experts to do periodic inspections. It is not enough if just a few households have bio gas plants in the entire village. This should be taken up as a joint effort by the village as a whole.biogas 1

Renewable energy has a long way to go in India, but there is an absolute need for bio gas production to be taken a step further considering India’s bucolic stronghold.