Just a Smile



Gurgling giggles, cheeky smirks, wide grins, deep chuckles, and loud guffaws are all a part of our routine “happy” mannerisms. But nowadays, finding a true smile is rare.

A real smile is born from our heart and causes the corners of our lips to turn up, but its journey doesn’t stop there – it continues to travel up to our eyes and is expressed in the form a jolly twinkle. A true smile is infectious and lights up the room. A simple smile accompanied with a reassuring pat on the back or an encouraging nod can do miracles on our soul. It knits loved ones closer, and dissolves ugly spats. It gives us the courage to face our inner demons.

The importance of smiling has practically been boiled down to a science. It expands the lungs, releases a type of neurotransmitter called endorphins which are natural stress busters, and it generates positive energy within us. In a nutshell, smiling makes us feel happy and lead a pleasant life. We adults ought to take a lesson from children and learn to smile more.

Try this:

As soon as you wake up, before you do anything, head over to the mirror and give yourself a wide grin. You are sure to have a positive attitude no matter which side of the bed you wake up on!


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