Race for Development: China vs India

China and India – both countries of staggeringly large populations and immense areas. They are both incredibly old nations with rich traditions and customs. At present, they are also nations running up the mountain of development.
Undeniably, China seems to be a ahead of the race towards development. I strongly believe that the difference in political settings is a huge factor that is affecting the odds of India moving forward with development. India’s title as the largest democracy in the world is not without setbacks – the decision making process is much slower, and political leaders must take into consideration the welfare of an enormous diversity of citizens in order to avoid long stretched disputes.
Another valid factor that boosts China’s rapid growth is their smart investment in the fields of health and education. India has under-invested in these key areas and hence its economic growth is slow in spite of having high quality human capital.
Although India has made sincere effort to improve literacy, the average literacy rate still remains at 74% as of 2011, a far cry from China 95% literacy rate. In addition, although hundreds of corporate hospitals have risen in urban India, those who really are in dire need of medical help remain in the dark.
The implications for India are clear –  investing in education and health for all groups of citizens is the best solution for long term growth. Economic growth needs strong foundations which India currently needs to strive for.If we wish to call India a “developed nation,” it high time that the citizens of this country make the right choices and talk steady leaps down the isle of advancement.