Global Citizen


What it means To Be a Global Citizen:

I’m sure the Oxford Dictionary has a huge definition for the entry “global citizen,” but this is how I see the term as –

We all have identities which define our personality – gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, caste religion. Being a global citizen adds another layer to that personality by which we see ourselves as a part of the world community. It doesn’t mean we have to forgo our other identities. It just shows our concern for the human race.

Being a global citizen is not a physical thing, it is more like a state in which we assume a positive attitude towards to the planet. It is caring about people around the globe and sharing a common humanity. It shows that you care for people even if you don’t share the same blood. It is true that most complex problems have a solution at the grass root level, but ultimately it adds up at a broader global perspective. As global citizens, we can boost gender equity, Rule of law, environmental protection, sustainable worldwide economic growth, poverty alleviation, prevention and cessation of conflicts between countries, elimination of weapons of mass destruction, humanitarian assistance, and preservation of cultural diversity

Above all, being a global citizen means that we recognize that we are all creatures living on the surface of Mother Earth. One day, I hope to be a fantastic global citizen.




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