Are rules Meant to be Broken?


Are rules Meant to be Broken?


If there is one thing that all teenagers wait for, it is getting their learner’s license, and I was one of those teenagers. When I finally turned sixteen years old, I was excited to run my mother’s scooter, but my father insisted on me getting my learners license first.

I took the painstaking task of completing the 827 multiple choice questions and passed the driving test with flying colors.

I felt responsible and careful because I knew what to do when I would be the woman at the helm. But when I was there actually on the road, I was completely frightening. There was utter chaos around me, with the rest of the drivers rushing forward like they were fighting for the last piece of bread in the world. I finally managed to come back home and plopped on the couch thinking about what I did wrong. Then it hit me – it wasn’t me who was at fault it was all the people around me who simply did not care enough to follow the rules.

The safe distance to maintain on a rainy day is a minimum of 20 meters, but here in India, it would be a great achievement if there was a gap of 2 inches. Such is the attitude of all those people who carry a legal driving license. Obviously, they take the saying “Rules are meant to be broken” to heart.

In reality, I strongly believe that a change in attitude is necessary for the betterment of people. This applies not only the case of following road rules, but in many different daily life scenarios. Following prescribed rules saves time, money, and lives and helps in the smooth running of a country. It all adds up to one thing – better development and a golden nation.


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