The FUTURE of Indian Post Card & Inland Letter

The ENDANGERED Indian Postal Service



There was an old quote that I had once read, “The inflow of new water is always accompanied by the outflow of old water.” I however did not believe in it until I observed an incident myself.

My dad used to tell me that when he was in his college days, he used to use a telegram or a simple 15 paise postcard to contact his mother who was situated all the way across the country. But the situation today is completely different.

As an experiment I decided to send a postcard to a friend in Delhi from my home in Hyderabad. I set out to drop my letter, but soon faced problems in just finding a post box! Five years ago, there was a post box just a two-minute walk from my home, but it had disappeared. But now, I have to travel a full seven kilometers to post my letters.

This is the cold hard truth we face here in the country with the “Largest Postal Service.” A year ago, it was the extinction of the telegram, a service which had been prevalent in our country for more than a hundred and fifty years. Today, it is the endangerment of the postal service. With the advent of the cell phone, the internet, and online banking, we can communicate with anyone across the world quickly, efficiently, and in an affordable manner have little use for the postal service which is much costlier and time consuming.

It is most definitely true that the television, mobile, and internet have taken the world by storm, but at the same time, they have also paved the way for the destruction of the traditional forms of communication.

So now the question arises, “WILL THERE COME A DAY WHEN THE POSTAL SERVICES like postcard, inland letter, value payable post (VPP), money order, etc. IN INDIA GO EXTINCT?”


2 thoughts on “The FUTURE of Indian Post Card & Inland Letter

  1. Zephyr says:

    I too feel that one day soon the postal department would close down or at least turn into a full-fledged courier service with its Speed Post service a la DHL. I haven’t seen a post box in years and except for receiving junk mail, bank advices and wedding invites, have not got any letters either. It is so sad isn’t it? My father had served in the P&T and I am glad he didn’t live to see his Telegraph department close down completely. Hey, you write very well!

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