The NOW Generation


generationgeneration 1

What we want to do:

Take the world by storm, create a new chapter in history, and make a change in the world.


What we end up doing:

Getting a respectable career, not caring about the society, a getting about a dozen credit cards along with a hundred bills.

What we are expected to do:

create a cure for cancer or design a space hotel.

What we are geared up to do:

memorize an entire textbook and cough it up in our board exams.



The FUTURE of Indian Post Card & Inland Letter

The ENDANGERED Indian Postal Service



There was an old quote that I had once read, “The inflow of new water is always accompanied by the outflow of old water.” I however did not believe in it until I observed an incident myself.

My dad used to tell me that when he was in his college days, he used to use a telegram or a simple 15 paise postcard to contact his mother who was situated all the way across the country. But the situation today is completely different.

As an experiment I decided to send a postcard to a friend in Delhi from my home in Hyderabad. I set out to drop my letter, but soon faced problems in just finding a post box! Five years ago, there was a post box just a two-minute walk from my home, but it had disappeared. But now, I have to travel a full seven kilometers to post my letters.

This is the cold hard truth we face here in the country with the “Largest Postal Service.” A year ago, it was the extinction of the telegram, a service which had been prevalent in our country for more than a hundred and fifty years. Today, it is the endangerment of the postal service. With the advent of the cell phone, the internet, and online banking, we can communicate with anyone across the world quickly, efficiently, and in an affordable manner have little use for the postal service which is much costlier and time consuming.

It is most definitely true that the television, mobile, and internet have taken the world by storm, but at the same time, they have also paved the way for the destruction of the traditional forms of communication.

So now the question arises, “WILL THERE COME A DAY WHEN THE POSTAL SERVICES like postcard, inland letter, value payable post (VPP), money order, etc. IN INDIA GO EXTINCT?”





December is considered to the “holiday season” of the western world, but we Indians are not far behind you in that aspect. With the oncoming of one of the most important festivals South India this January, I thought I might as well give my readers a taste of Indian Culture by telling you a little about Sankranti. Considering that agriculture is the heart of Indian industry, it is no surprise that this harvest festival is important to a majority of the population of the country.

The festival mainly consists of a four day procession


This is the day when everyone collects old belongings and burns them in public, signifying realization and the push away of bad habits. In addition, infants and young children are showered with fruits which is said to ward off the “evil eye.”

Makara Sankranti

It is the day when we pay tribute to our ancestor by offering food, flowers, and clothes. Everyone celebrates with family and friends, wearing new clothes. They also make beautiful and ornate drawings and patterns on the ground with chalk or flour, called “muggu” or “Rangoli” in Telugu, in front of their homes. These drawings are decorated with flowers, colours and small hand pressed piles of cow dung, called “gobbemma (గొబ్బెమ్మ)”.


This is the day of feasting , dedicated to the re-union of the family, which is why traveling is considered inauspicious on that day. Various rice dishes, and flour sweets are prepared and distributed among family members. Animals in particulars and treated with pooja and are revered.

Fourth day is called Mukkanuma (ముక్కనుమ) which is popular among the non-vegetarians of the society. On this day, Farmers offer the prayers to the elements like soil, rain, fire for helping the harvest, and the village goddesses with their gifts which sometimes  include animals.

Throughout the month, we see the sky dotted with kites – kites of all colors dance in the air. In fact the most famous public event in my home town, Hyderabad, is the kite festival and competition, in which people from the entire world compete in.

On this holiday season, I wish all my reader across the world a very, very HAPPY SANKRANTI.