Youth and Politics


Youth and Politics

youth and politics 1

          In our country, most of the population is below 40 years of age. Then why is it that most of our leaders are above 60 years old? Isn’t it rather ironic that an “experienced” politician’s career is at its apex at the same age when the common man generally takes his retirement?

          The adjectives that come to our mind when we think of the word youth are energy, enthusiasm, diligence, intellect, and spirited. This is exactly what our country needs – strong, young leaders who personify these characteristics. There are only a handful of young leaders today like Rahul Gandhi, Varun Gandhi, etc., but they are only on the political scene because they belong to families that have strong influence in the field. It is practically impossible to find a young leader with no political background.

          Why is it that the youth in our country are so reluctant to step into politics? One reason is that the youth in our country are simply not interested in politics. However, we see that they actively participate in showing their discontent in issues like reservation, Nirbhaya, and corruption. Another reason for this deplorable political scene is that youth who are willing to help the society are not given opportunity to prove themselves under the context that they lack experience.

          If the youth in our country are given an opportunity, they may be able to change the political situation in our country for the better. Youngsters are said to be very creative, and their creativity may offer effective solutions to various problems that impend our society. This doesn’t mean that older people should be completely pushed out of politics; in fact they would serve as valuable mentors and guidance counselors to young leaders.

          Youth can do a lot more than just casting their vote. They can help in raising awareness about numerous social issues in their community, educate the illiterate about politics, and raise their voices against corruption. We shall all look forward to the day when we see young leaders making our country a better place to live.







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