Tricking for a Book


10… 9…8….7….6…5…4…3…2…1…

“TRRINNNGGG!” went the bell in its ear piercing trills. I popped out of my seat and dashed out of the door before anyone stopped me. Don’t get me wrong – I actually love school, but today was special.

After an entire year of finger crossing, nail chewing, and fangirl screams, the sequel to my favorite book series had finally released today, and I would have been the first girl in the line to Barnes and Nobles from midnight to morning with a coffee cup in my hand, but then every teenager has parents. And let me tell you this, most parents do not allow their kids to skip school so that you can get one of the first copies of a newly released novel.

So here I was, speeding towards the local bookstore, ready to swallow the book. I practically ran into the book shop, and didn’t dare stop to pause and take in the scent of the crisp, freshly printed paper the way I usually do, and just simply sprinted towards the “NEWLY ARRIVED” section.

There it was – my book, all shiny and just waiting to be read. Just as I was about to reach for the book, another muscular had gotten hold of it. “Hey! I was going to take it!” I protested, pouting childishly.

“Maybe, but I got it first, so it is mine,” he retorted, looking all smug.

“Awww! Fine. Can I at least read the back cover jacket?” I pleaded, making a puppy dog face. He sighed and handed the book over to me, rather reluctantly, might I add. “So do you read a lot of books?” I asked, brewing up a conversation.

“Hell, yeah! The library has a place reserved for me, because the place is practically like my second home,” he replied.

“Really? I am a total book worm. I bet we don’t have similar tastes in books though.”

“I don’t know about that. My favorite is Percy Jackson.”

“No way! I would die for both Harry Potter and PJ. The storyline for our Quidditch hero is amazing, but my favorite book character is our brave demigod,” I explained.

“Cool! I am into mystery and a bit of sleuthing. Hardy Boys and the Secret Seven were my soulmates when I was younger, but now, I am more into Alex Rider, 39 Clues, and Sherlock Holmes.”

“Wow. Agatha Christie and Sydney Sheldon are some great authors in mystery too,” I added. “SO when did you start reading?”

“Oh, me? I was reading ever since I was young. Don’t ask me if I read the princess stories, because as embarrassing as it sounds, I did,” he grinned.

I chuckled and said, “The original fairy tales are good, but the modern ones with twists in The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley are amazing as well. And how could we forget Dr. Suess and his green eggs and ham? And I person who hasn’t read Enid Blyton hasn’t tasted childhood, dude.”

“Hmm- mmm. So do you read classics? I’m into Robinsoe Crusoe, the Jungle Book, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.”


“Yeah, those are some great adventure classics. The other classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Rebecca are very slow moving though.”

“My feeling exactly. I have no idea how someone survive a ten page description of a door,” the guy complained, whining. “DO you like dystopian?” he continued.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I do! Hunger Games and Divergent were very unique, but is this sort of trend going on – a main character always dies at the end.”

“Yup. And the vampire fever is killing me. First it was Twilight with all the girls screaming Team Edward or Team Jacob, and now it is the Vampire Academy. Everyone is just vampire obsessed!”

“Very true, but the Vampire Diaries are good, and are a perfect combination of thrill and plot,” I told him as we walked towards the cash counter. “DO you like the movie adaptations of books?”

“Well, they are not that bad. It is practically impossible to reproduce everything that happens in a book onto the screen, but I guess that is the magic of a novel, right?”

“Yeah, I would always prefer reading the book as opposed to watching the movie,” I said to him as I paid the lady and took the change. “Well, it was great meeting you. See you later!”

“WHAT? Wait. What about my book?” he fumed. The guy hadn’t even realized that I’d bought the book for myself – he was so immersed in our conversation.

I pulled open the door, flipped my hair back and game him a devilish smile, and I strolled down the street with my gleaming book in my hand.


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