Diversity at the Cost of Unity?

 unity 3

India is a country with people from a wide range of castes and religions, where they all follow different customs and traditions. Diversity is the one thing that best defines our nation. But is it right to break our nation into pieces and pit people of different social groups against one another under the context of diversity?

Unity plays a major role in the development of our nation. Unity is the one and only element that brings us all under the same umbrella and work towards the welfare of our nation. Without this glue that we call unity, our country would face the threat of disintegration.

In order to promote unison, we must learn to accept other. We must develop a strong and unbreakable sense of fraternity. We must put aside any grudges that we may have against others, and think of ourselves as only the citizens of our nation. We must strive for the development of our motherland, and always keep Benjamin Franklin’s wise words in mind, “United we STAND, Divided we FALL.”


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